Eugeniusz Józef Tyszkiewicz


ul. Garbary 10/2,

66-400 Gorzów Wlkp.

mobile +48 601 764281

tel./fax: +48 95 736 0101



The Law Office of Eugeniusz Tyszkiewicz is focused on delivering a full range of legal services in various areas of the law.

The extensive experience of the founder of the Law Office as well as our careful selection of employees ensures that we are able to provide our clients with assistance in complex areas of the law.

Our Law Office offers services and legal advice in the following areas:

? Civil Law:

-legal advice in the broadly defined area of Civil Law,

-preparation of drafts of requests for payment, contracts, lawsuit forms,

-participation during negotiations carried out by clients,

-preparation of legal opinions,

-legal representation of clients in each stage of court and enforcement proceedings,

? Business Law:

-legal advice with regards to conducting business operations,

-long-term services for commercial law entities,

-preparation of draft business contracts, articles of association, statutes, as well as resolutions made by a company?s governing bodies,

-participation in business negotiations,

-registration of and changes to entities in the National Court Register (KRS),

? Bankruptcy and Reorganisation Law:

-relying on our Law Office?s extensive experience in this legal discipline, we offer counselling in bankruptcy and reorganisation proceedings,

-representation of a bankrupt or creditor during bankruptcy proceedings,

-preparation of bankruptcy petitions, including consumer bankruptcy,

? Family and Guardianship Law:

-legal advice for our clients concerning family and guardianship law,

-preparation of draft marital property agreements,

-representation of clients in court proceedings concerning the dissolution of marriage, as well as maintenance,

? Labour Law:

-legal counselling concerning labour law,

-legal advising concerning labour disputes,

-representation of employees and employers in each stage of court proceedings,

? Property Law:

-legal counselling concerning the purchase, sale, development, and management of property,

-representation during Land and Mortgage Register proceedings,

? Criminal Law:

-defending clients in preparatory stages and in court proceedings,

-representation of victims of crime,

-preparation of draft court documents.