Eugeniusz Józef Tyszkiewicz


ul. Garbary 10/2,

66-400 Gorzów Wlkp.

mobile +48 601 764281

tel./fax: +48 95 736 0101



The Law Office of Eugeniusz Tyszkiewicz offers legal services drawing on our extensive experience in serving both business entities and individual clients.

Kancelaria Tyszkiewicz

The Law Office provides services for clients in complex areas relating to business trade, commercial companies and partnerships, as well as civil, family and guardianship law.

The Law Office also handles criminal cases in each stage of criminal law proceedings.

Our careful selection of employees and persons with whom we collaborate on a regular basis based on their experience and qualifications ensures that we are able to provide fair and professional legal services, creative solutions and  an individual approach to each case.

Our staff offers services in Polish, German, English and Russian languages.